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Agriver - Marketing Fresh Agriculture is a part of the Vered-Group, one of Israel’s leading export companies since 1995. The company offers and specializes in exporting perishable products such as Fresh Herbs, exotic fruits, edible flowers, vegetables and baby leaves. Fresh Herbs such as Mint, Basil (green & red), Coriander, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary, Tarragon, rocolla, Oregano, Lemmon Grass, Salicornia, Exotics such as Pitaya, Passion Fruits, Figs, Carambola, Pomegranate and RTE Mango, Vegetables such as Beans. 

With representations spread around the world in London, Moscow, Colombia, Kenya, South Africa, the Far East and the Czech Republic, Agriver supplies produce all around Western & Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, North America (Canada & USA), South Africa and to the Far East. As a leading export company, Agriver has also Logistic representations in Israel (TLV), Holland (Amsterdam), UK (London) and Russia (Moscow) enabling us flexibility to move goods around the globe. 

Obligated to top Quality standards, all of Agriver's growers are Global Gap certified. The company is also F2F accredited to Tesco Nature's Choice (TNC) and Marks & Spencer. Agriver sources its products around the world in order to make sure that the customers will have the best quality "year round" supply. Its main sources are from growers located at: Ethiopia, Kenya, India, South America, Colombia & Italy in addition to the purchasing from Israel.


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